(Note: All cocktails listed are our original creations. We would be more than happy to make classic recipes upon request.)


Signature cocktails

Banoffee Special - $20
A delicious blend of clarified banana, whisky, lemon, and demerara syrup topped with toasted meringue. Sweet and sour.

Fire and Earth - $20
Something different for the adventurous. Tequila, clarified beetroot, lemon, and a habanero shrub. Garnished with a mezcal float and blazed rosemary. Earthy, sour, and smokey.

Nitro Charged Espresso Martini - $18
Vodka, coffee liqueur, and cold drip coffee batched in a keg and charged with nitrous oxide for a velvety texture and punchy coffee hit. Creamy and sweet.

Bloodless Mary - $18
A clarified Bloody Mary for a clearer cleaner taste. Vodka, clarified tomato, worsteshire, horseradish, and tobasco. Served tall with a celery salt rim. Savoury and refreshing.

Pina Clara - $18
A lighter version of the tropical classic without the cream. Aged rum, pineapple, toasted coconut syrup, and lime. Egg white for viscosity and a toasted coconut garnish. Fruity and sweet.

God Save the Bees - $21
Imagine bees frolicking through a flowery mountain meadow of lavender honey syrup, bourbon, floral bitters, and a touch of smokey scotch. Served with lavender smoke. Boozy and floral. (Sales support bee conservation)

Scarlet Fizz - $19
Get ready for a party in your mouth. Bloody Shiraz Gin mixed with citrus, simple syrup, and egg whites then topped with prosecco for a delicious foam top. Fruity and light.

Spring Back To Life

From Dusk Till Dawn - $18
A party for the eyes as well as the tastebuds, watch as the colours change from dusk till dawn! Butterfly pea tea, tequila and house crafted lemon soda. Sour and refreshing!

Good juju - $20
Nothing but good vibes here. Anther gin, fresh watermelon, and basil. Frozen into a sorbet. The flavours are so fresh and the texture is amazing. Treat yourself.

Honeydew Bellini - $17
A delicate and refreshing springtime spritz. Fresh honeydew melon, melon liqueur, critic acid and prosecco. Light and fruity.

Breakfast of Champions - $20
The most important meal of the day - as a delicious cocktail! Apricot and earl grey syrup with lemon, bourbon, and egg whites. Garnished with jam on toast and bacon! Delightfully tangy.

Ume Thurman - $20
Inspired by grandma’s salted plums and too much Kill Bill. Umeshu plum liquor, Japanese whisky, saline, and floral bitters. The result is an enticing depth of flavour.

Strawberry Tuxedo - $19
Dress to impress with this stylish blend of gin, clarified strawberry, fino sherry, bitters, and anise. Served over a block of ice with a strawberry leather. Clear and fruity with a complex finish.

Forbidden Fruit - $21
Blackcurrants were banned in the USA in 1911 as they were thought to carry a white pine rust. But they are oh so tasty! Taste the forbidden fruit combined with gin, pinot noir, and egg whites.



Grand Ridge Almighty Light / 330ml 2.7% ABV / Mirboo North, VIC / - $9

2 Brothers Kung Foo Lager / 375ml 4.5% ABV / Moorabin, VIC / - $10

Kaiju Krush Tropical Pale Ale / 375ml 4.7% ABV / Dandenong, VIC / - $11

Colonial IPA / 375ml 6.5% ABV / Port Melbourne, VIC / - $12

Hop Nation The Buzz American Red Ale / 375ml 6% ABV / Footscray, VIC / - $12

Moon Dog Mack Daddy Dark Ale / 330ml 5.0% ABV / Abbotsford, VIC / - $10

Napoleone & Co. Apple Cider / 330ml 4.7% ABV / Yarra Valley, VIC / - $11


Canti Prosecco DOC / Veneto, Italy / Glass - $11 / Bottle - $50

G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge Cuvee Brut / Epernay, France / Bottle - $95

Opawa Sauvignon Blanc / Marlborough, NZ / Glass - $12 / Bottle - $54

Chaffey Bros. Not Your Grandma's Riesling / Eden Valley, SA / Glass - $11 / Bottle - $50

Heemskerk Abel's Tempest Chardonnay / Tasmania / Glass - $13 / Bottle - $59

Maison Francaise Rose / Languedoc-Roussillon, France / Glass - $11 / Bottle - $50

Palliser Estate 'Pencarrow' Pinot Noir / Martinborough, NZ / Glass - $13 / Bottle - $59

Campo Viejo Reserva Tempranillo / Rioja, Spain / Glass - $11 / Bottle - $50

Boucher Shiraz / Heathcote, VIC / Glass - $12 / Bottle - $54


Smoked Almonds - $4

House Marinated Olives - $6

Duck Liver Parfait w/ and lavosh - $14

Spanish Anchovies w/ smoked labneh and lavosh - $14

Charcuterie Plate w/ pickles and lavosh - $15

Rotating Cheese Plate w/ dried fruit and lavosh - $15



“We are always tinkering with new flavours and ingredients, learning and exploring to create new experiences”